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Speak Up Podcasting Academy - Full Access

If you want to be sure of success and you know that you want to go all in, then don’t go it alone – this is the place for you. Get six months of full access to everything in the Academy plus get bi-monthly one-on-one mentoring calls, as well as weekly Q&A calls and 24/7 messaging.

Course curriculum


Welcome to the Academy
Welcome Video
Questions, Discussions and Community
Questions, Discussions and Community Video Explainer
Timeline For The Academy FREE PREVIEW
Timeline Explainer Video
Community Question – How many lessons will be released each week

How To Get Over Your Hangups About Podcasting

How To Get Over Your Hangups About Podcasting – Overview
Hangup #1: “I hate the way I sound!”
Hangup #2: “But I’m not an expert!”
Hangup #3: “I sound really boring!”
Hangup #4: “What if people don’t like me?”
Hangup #5: “What if no one listens?”
Learn The Podcasting Lingo

Defining Your Podcast & Audience

The First Thing To Remember: They Ask, You Answer
Why You Need To Define Your Podcast
Why Do You Want A Podcast?
Topics: Choosing A Topic For Your Podcast
Topics: 25 Podcast Topic Ideas
Topics: What Is Your Podcast About?
Topics: How To Make Your Podcast Unique & Interesting FREE PREVIEW
Formats: Potential Formats For A Podcast
Formats: Which Podcast Format To Choose
Audience: Defining Your Audience
Audience: Creating Your Podcast Avatar
Audience: Create A Podcast That People Are Interested In FREE PREVIEW
Creating A Business Podcast

Podcast Names, Artwork & Description

Names: Naming your podcast
Names: Things to consider with your podcast name
Channel Description
Show Description Template
Artwork: What is cover art and why you need it
Artwork: Requirements
Artwork: Best Practises FREE PREVIEW
Artwork: How To Make Your Artwork – DIY or Professional
Artwork: Choosing A Font That’s Right For You
Artwork Examples And Why They Work
Artwork FAQs
Artwork: Writing A Brief For Your Artwork And Logo
Show Notes: What Are Show Notes And Why Do You Need Them?
Show Notes: The Benefits Of Writing Show Notes
Show Notes: How To Create Show Notes That Get You Listeners
Shownotes: SEO

Episodes and Seasons

Episodes: How Often To Release Episodes
Episodes: How Long Should An Episode Be?
Episodes: How To Come Up With Episode Ideas
Episodes: Planning Your Episodes
Episode Scripts: Invisible Script Structure
Episode Scripts: How To Write A Scripted Part Of A Show
Episode Scripts: Tell A Story
Seasons: What Is ‘Podcasting In Seasons’ And How Do You Do It?
Seasons: Who Seasons Do And Don’t Work For
Seasons: How Many Episodes Should Be In A Season?
Seasons: The Benefits Of Podcasting In Seasons For You
Seasons: The Benefits Of Podcasting In Seasons For Listeners
Seasons: The Downsides Of Podcasting In Seasons

Podcast Equipment

Equipment: What Do I Need And How Much Will It Cost Me?
Equipment: Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Anything
Equipment: What’s Your Level Of Podcasting?
Equipment: Basic Equipment Everyone Needs
Equipment: Additional Equipment You May Need
Costs: So, What’s Podcasting Going To Cost Me?
The MMM Podcast

About this course

198 lessons

What You Get

The Speak Up Collective Podcasting Academy Full Access isn’t just another learn-how-to-podcast course. When you choose Full Access, you get complete access to everything in the Academy PLUS accountability through bi-monthly one-on-one mentoring calls and much more. This is for those who are truly serious about making a success of their podcasting careers.

  • Six months access to the huge and ever expanding Speak Up Academy library of information
  • Bi-monthly one-on-one mentoring calls with Karen
  • 24/7 access to Karen via messaging app
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with your instructor who will answer any questions you have around podcasting
  • In depth, detailed, step-by-step guides to every aspect of podcasting from choosing names to making money
  • Access to private community where you can connect with, support and get support from other podcasters
  • Two ways to pay to suit your needs: Pay by the month or pay in full and save over 15%

Choose The Best Option For You

Make six easy monthly payments or pay in full and get the same six months’ access for 15% off the monthly price

$1,499 Pay In Full And Save Over 15%6 x $299 Six Monthly Payments

Intro, Outro & Music

Intro: Contents
Intro: Formats
Intro: Script Examples
Outro: Format & Content
Outro: Script Examples
Professionally Produced Intro & Outro
Music: Overview
Music: How To Set The Right Mood With Your Music
Music: Music Categories On Audio Libraries
Music: What Kind of Music Am I Allowed to Use?
Music: Can I Use Copyrighted Music on my Podcast?
Music: Where To Find Podcast Music

Podcast Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills: Basic Good Practices
Presentation Skills: Warm Up Your Voice
Presentation Skills: Stop Using Filler words
Presentation Skills: What Not To Wear

Recording Your Podcast

Recording: Things to consider before you sit down to record
Recording: Choosing a location to record
Recording: Recording Your Podcast
Recording: Audio-Only Recording – Solo
Recording: Video Recording – Solo or Multiple Participants
Recording: Double Ender Recording – Multiple Participants
Recording: Mobile/Offsite Recording – Solo or Multiple Participants

Guests & Interviews

Guests: Finding Great Podcast Guests
Guests: Getting Big Name Guests To Grow Your Audience
Guests: Setting yourself up for guests
Guests: Where To Find Guests
Guests: Scheduling Apps
Guests: Getting Your Guests’ Information
Guests: Email Sequence For Your Guests
Guests: How To Get Guests To Share Your Episode
Guests: How To Deal With Difficult Guests
Interviewing: Interviews vs Conversations
Interviewing: The Art Of Doing Interviews
Interviewing: Do’s and Don’ts
Interviewing: How to Develop Your Podcast Interview Style
Interviewing: Interview Questions
Interviewing: Question Ideas
Listening: Overview
Listening: How To Create the Best Environment For Your Interviews
Listening: How To Be A Good Listener

Editing Your Podcast

Editing: How Much Editing Should I Do In My Podcast?
Editing: What I Should Edit out Of My Podcast
Editing: Apps
Editing: Video Editing Apps
Editing: Audio Only Editing Apps
Editing: Production Apps
Editing: Organisational Apps
Editing: Professional Editing and Production
Editing: The Best Ways To Record & Edit

Setting Up Your Podcast For Publication

Emails: How To Set Up A Gmail Address
Emails: Create A Podcast Email
Emails: iTunes / Apple Podcasts Email Addresses
Hosting: Why You Need A Podcast Hosting Service
Hosting: What to Look for in Podcast Hosting Services
Hosting: Why Choose Podbean To Host Your Podcast
Hosting: Other Hosting Platforms
Hosting: Setting Up Your Account On Podbean
Hosting: Upload Your Episodes To Podbean
Website: Setting Up Your Podcast Website
Website: Why You Need A Podcast Website
Website: Setting Up Your Website For Success
SEO: Keyword SEO For Podcasters
SEO: How To Boost Your Show’s SEO

Distributing Your Podcast

RSS Feed: What It Is and How To Find It
RSS Feed: Validating Your RSS Feed
Podcast Directories: What Is A Podcast Directory?
Podcast Directories: How To Submit To The Directories
Podcast Directories: The Big Directories
Podcast Directories That Pull Your Feed From Apple
Podcast Directories: Other Top Podcast Directories To List Your Show
Podcast Directories: Claiming Your Podcast
iTunes: About iTunes Categories
iTunes: How long does it take for a podcast to appear on iTunes
iTunes: Solving Problems With Your Apple Feed
YouTube: Podcasts On YouTube
YouTube: How To Set Up Your Podcast YouTube Channel
YouTube: How To Upload Your Podcast To YouTube
Podcast ‘Shortlinks’: How to Link to & Share a Podcast
QR Codes


Launch: Overview
Launch: How To Promote Your Launch
Launch: How to get in the New & Noteworthy of iTunes
Launch: Teach People How To Listen To Your Podcast

Social Media for Podcasters

Social Media: Overview
Social Media: Why Use Social Media
Social Media: Demographics Of The Major Platforms
Social Media: How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Podcast
Social Media: Creating A Community On Social Media
Social Media: How to get people to interact on social media
Social Media: How To Increase Your Subscribers On YT

Podcast Reviews

Reviews: Why reviews are important
Reviews: How To Get More Reviews
Reviews: How To Ask For Reviews
Reviews: Show your audience how to leave a podcast review
Reviews: Keeping Track of Your Reviews
Reviews: How to deal with bad reviews

Growing Your Podcast

Growing: About the next few sections
Downloads: How Many Downloads You Should Be Getting
Downloads: How To Keep Increasing Your Reach
Surveys: Audience Surveys
Surveys: Ideas For Questions
Surveys: How To Get People To Complete Your Podcast Survey
Shareable: Create Shareable Podcasts
Shareable: Create Shareable Social Media Graphics
Shareable: Create Shareable Short Videos/Audiograms
Shareable: How To Make A Good Audiogram
Shareable: Audiogram Content
Shareable: How To Make an Audiogram Using Headliner
Shareable: How To Create Videos That Go Viral On YouTube
Montage Episodes: What is a Montage Episode?
Montage Episodes: Why Create a Montage Episode?
Montage Episodes: How to Create a Single Question Montage Episode
Montage Episodes: Potential Contributors for a Montage Episode
Montage Episodes: Publishing & Promotion
Repurposing Your Content: How To Turn A Livestream Into A Good Podcast
Being A Guest: How To Pitch To Be A Guest On A Podcast
Being A Guest: Podcast Guest Services
Being A Guest: How to be a great guest

Promotion & Advertising

Promotion & Advertising Overview
Promoting: Who You Are Promoting To?
Promoting: How to Create A Podcast Trailer And Why You Should
Promoting: How To Promote To Your Existing Audience
Promoting: Best Places to Promote Your Podcast
Promoting: Promoting Through Networking
Promoting: 10 Ways To Promote Your Podcast if Marketing is Not Your Strength
Podcast Media Kits: Overview
Media Kits: What To Put In Your Podcast Media Kit
Media Kits: Putting Together Your Media Kit
Media Kits: How And Where To Share Your Podcast Media Kit
Pitching Your Podcast To Journalists: Overview
Pitching To Journalists: Things To Consider
Pitching To Journalists: Writing Your Pitch To Journalists
Paid Advertising: Where To Advertise your Podcast