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Speak Up Podcasting Academy - The Works

Thinking of starting a business podcast? This is the place to be. Everything you need to know about starting and running a successful professional podcast from choosing a name to finding guests, from seasons to promotions, and everything in between.

Course curriculum


Welcome to the Academy
Welcome Video
Questions, Discussions and Community
Questions, Discussions and Community Video Explainer
Timeline For The Academy FREE PREVIEW
Timeline Explainer Video
Community Question – How many lessons will be released each week

How To Get Over Your Hangups About Podcasting

How To Get Over Your Hangups About Podcasting – Overview
Hangup #1: “I hate the way I sound!”
Hangup #2: “But I’m not an expert!”
Hangup #3: “I sound really boring!”
Hangup #4: “What if people don’t like me?”
Hangup #5: “What if no one listens?”
Learn The Podcasting Lingo

Defining Your Podcast & Audience

The First Thing To Remember: They Ask, You Answer
Why You Need To Define Your Podcast
Why Do You Want A Podcast?
Topics: Choosing A Topic For Your Podcast
Topics: 25 Podcast Topic Ideas
Topics: What Is Your Podcast About?
Topics: How To Make Your Podcast Unique & Interesting FREE PREVIEW
Formats: Potential Formats For A Podcast
Formats: Which Podcast Format To Choose
Audience: Defining Your Audience
Audience: Creating Your Podcast Avatar
Audience: Create A Podcast That People Are Interested In FREE PREVIEW
Creating A Business Podcast

Podcast Names, Artwork & Description

Names: Naming your podcast
Names: Things to consider with your podcast name
Channel Description
Show Description Template
Artwork: What is cover art and why you need it
Artwork: Requirements
Artwork: Best Practises FREE PREVIEW
Artwork: How To Make Your Artwork – DIY or Professional
Artwork FAQs
Artwork: Choosing A Font That’s Right For You
Artwork Examples And Why They Work
Artwork: Writing A Brief For Your Artwork And Logo
Show Notes: What Are Show Notes And Why Do You Need Them?
Show Notes: The Benefits Of Writing Show Notes
Show Notes: How To Create Show Notes That Get You Listeners
Shownotes: SEO

Episodes and Seasons

Episodes: How Often To Release Episodes
Episodes: How Long Should An Episode Be?
Episodes: How To Come Up With Episode Ideas
Episodes: Planning Your Episodes
Episode Scripts: Invisible Script Structure
Episode Scripts: How To Write A Scripted Part Of A Show
Episode Scripts: Tell A Story
Seasons: What Is ‘Podcasting In Seasons’ And How Do You Do It?
Seasons: Who Seasons Do And Don’t Work For
Seasons: How Many Episodes Should Be In A Season?
Seasons: The Benefits Of Podcasting In Seasons For You
Seasons: The Benefits Of Podcasting In Seasons For Listeners
Seasons: The Downsides Of Podcasting In Seasons

Podcast Equipment

Equipment: What Do I Need And How Much Will It Cost Me?
Equipment: Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Buy Anything
Equipment: What’s Your Level Of Podcasting?
Equipment: Basic Equipment Everyone Needs
Equipment: Additional Equipment You May Need
Costs: So, What’s Podcasting Going To Cost Me?
podcast academy

About this course


201 lessons

What You Get

The Speak Up Podcasting Academy isn’t your usual, run-of-the-mill, ‘here’s all the information, off you go and learn it for yourself’ course. At Speak Up, we pride ourselves on providing first class facilities to support each of our students in creating podcast and YouTube channels that are second to none.

  • Six months access to the huge and ever expanding Speak Up Academy library of information
  • In depth, detailed, step-by-step guides to every aspect of podcasting from choosing names to finding guests
  • Weekly live Q&A sessions with your instructor who will answer any questions you have around podcasting
  • Access to private community where you can connect with, support and get support from other podcasters
  • Two ways to pay to suit your needs: Pay by the month or pay in full and save over 15%

Choose The Best Option For You

Make six easy monthly payments or pay in full and get the same six months’ access for 15% off the monthly price

$299 Pay In Full & Save Over 15%6 x $59 Six Monthly Payments

Intro, Outro & Music

Intro: Contents
Intro: Formats
Outro: Format & Content
Outro: Script Examples
Professionally Produced Intro & Outro
Music: Overview
Music: How To Set The Right Mood With Your Music
Music: Music Categories On Audio Libraries
Music: What Kind of Music Am I Allowed to Use?
Music: Can I Use Copyrighted Music on my Podcast?
Music: Where To Find Podcast Music

Podcast Presentation Skills

Presentation Skills: Basic Good Practices
Presentation Skills: Warm Up Your Voice
Presentation Skills: Stop Using Filler words
Presentation Skills: What Not To Wear

Recording Your Podcast

Recording: Things to consider before you sit down to record
Recording: Choosing a location to record
Recording: Recording Your Podcast
Recording: Audio-Only Recording – Solo
Recording: Video Recording – Solo or Multiple Participants
Recording: Double Ender Recording – Multiple Participants
Recording: Mobile/Offsite Recording – Solo or Multiple Participants

Guests & Interviews

Guests: Finding Great Podcast Guests
Guests: Getting Big Name Guests To Grow Your Audience
Guests: Setting yourself up for guests
Guests: Where To Find Guests
Guests: Scheduling Apps
Guests: Getting Your Guests’ Information
Guests: Email Sequence For Your Guests
Guests: How To Get Guests To Share Your Episode
Guests: How To Deal With Difficult Guests
Interviewing: Interviews vs Conversations
Interviewing: Do’s and Don’ts
Interviewing: How to Develop Your Podcast Interview Style
Interviewing: Interview Questions
Interviewing: Question Ideas
Listening: Overview
Listening: How To Create the Best Environment For Your Interviews
Listening: How To Be A Good Listener

Editing Your Podcast

Editing: How Much Editing Should I Do In My Podcast?
Editing: What I Should Edit out Of My Podcast
Editing: Apps
Editing: Video Editing Apps
Editing: Audio Only Editing Apps
Editing: Production Apps
Editing: Organisational Apps
Editing: Professional Editing and Production
Editing: The Best Ways To Record & Edit

Podcast Hosting, Website & Emails

Emails: Create A Podcast Email
Emails: iTunes / Apple Podcasts Email Addresses
Emails: How To Set Up A Gmail Address
Hosting: Why You Need A Podcast Hosting Service
Hosting: What to Look for in Podcast Hosting Services
Hosting: Why Choose Podbean To Host Your Podcast
Hosting: Other Hosting Platforms
Hosting: Setting Up Your Account On Podbean
Hosting: Upload Your Episodes To Podbean
Website: Setting Up Your Podcast Website
Website: Why You Need A Podcast Website
Website: Setting Up Your Website For Success
SEO: Keyword SEO For Podcasters
SEO: How To Boost Your Show’s SEO
Accessibility: How to Make Your Podcast Accessible (& Why You Should)
Accessibility: How to Improve Your Podcast Accessibility
Accessibility: How to Get Your Show Transcribed

Distributing Your Podcast

RSS Feed: What It Is and How To Find It
RSS Feed: Validating Your RSS Feed
Podcast Directories: What Is A Podcast Directory?
Podcast Directories: How To Submit To The Directories
Podcast Directories: The Big Directories
Podcast Directories That Pull Your Feed From Apple
Podcast Directories: Other Top Podcast Directories To List Your Show
Podcast Directories: Claiming Your Podcast
iTunes: About iTunes Categories
iTunes: How long does it take for a podcast to appear on iTunes
iTunes: Solving Problems With Your Apple Feed
YouTube: Podcasts On YouTube
YouTube: How To Set Up Your Podcast YouTube Channel
YouTube: How To Upload Your Podcast To YouTube
Podcast ‘Shortlinks’: How to Link to & Share a Podcast
QR Codes


Launch: Overview
Launch: How To Promote Your Launch
Launch: How to get in the New & Noteworthy of iTunes
Launch: Teach People How To Listen To Your Podcast

Social Media for Podcasters

Social Media: Overview
Social Media: Why Use Social Media
Social Media: Demographics Of The Major Platforms
Social Media: How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Podcast
Social Media: Creating A Community On Social Media
Social Media: How to get people to interact on social media
Social Media: How To Increase Your Subscribers On YT

Podcast Reviews

Reviews: Why reviews are important
Reviews: How To Get More Reviews
Reviews: How To Ask For Reviews
Reviews: Show your audience how to leave a podcast review
Reviews: Keeping Track of Your Reviews
Reviews: How to deal with bad reviews

Growing Your Podcast

Growing: About the next few sections
Downloads: How Many Downloads You Should Be Getting
Downloads: How To Keep Increasing Your Reach
Surveys: Audience Surveys
Surveys: Ideas For Questions
Surveys: How To Get People To Complete Your Podcast Survey
Shareable: Create Shareable Podcasts
Shareable: Create Shareable Social Media Graphics
Shareable: Create Shareable Short Videos/Audiograms
Shareable: Audiogram Content
Shareable: How To Make A Good Audiogram
Shareable: How To Make an Audiogram Using Headliner
Shareable: How To Create Videos That Go Viral On YouTube
Montage Episodes: What is a Montage Episode?
Montage Episodes: Why Create a Montage Episode?
Montage Episodes: How to Create a Single Question Montage Episode
Montage Episodes: Potential Contributors for a Montage Episode
Being A Guest: How To Pitch To Be A Guest On A Podcast
Repurposing Your Content: How To Turn A Livestream Into A Good Podcast
Montage Episodes: Publishing & Promotion
Being A Guest: Podcast Guest Services
Being A Guest: How to be a great guest

Promotion & Advertising

Promotion & Advertising Overview
Promoting: Who You Are Promoting To?
Promoting: How to Create A Podcast Trailer And Why You Should
Promoting: How To Promote To Your Existing Audience
Promoting: Best Places to Promote Your Podcast
Promoting: Promoting Through Networking
Promoting: 10 Ways To Promote Your Podcast if Marketing is Not Your Strength
Podcast Media Kits: Overview
Media Kits: What To Put In Your Podcast Media Kit
Media Kits: Putting Together Your Media Kit
Media Kits: How And Where To Share Your Podcast Media Kit
Pitching Your Podcast To Journalists: Overview
Pitching To Journalists: Writing Your Pitch To Journalists
Paid Advertising: Where To Advertise your Podcast
Pitching To Journalists: Things To Consider