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Why Choose Speak Up?

1. I really don't like the way I look / sound, what can you do about that?

We’re going to get this one out of the way right at the start because we’re going to let you in on a shocking little truth: Your podcasts and videos will not be perfect! You’re human, you make mistakes, you forget things, you might be able to say something better, but all those things, the real, normal you, are what will bring you clients.

Second, we will always do our best to give you the highest quality audio & video, make sure that your chosen topics are covered and that you’re as relaxed and natural on camera as you can be… which leads us onto…

2. Will I need to buy special equipment?

Probably not. Most of us have a decent set of earphones. The only thing you may need to get is a studio ring light if the space where you’re going to be recording isn’t particularly well-lit. You can buy them from Amazon and eBay.

3. How long does it take to get started?

The process will take 1-3 weeks from signing up to launch.

4. What do you put in the intro & outro?

You’ll record the audio for your intro and outro (or get one of our voiceover artists to do it) and source the music. We’ll put them together and, if you’re doing a video intro, we’ll add a fancy-shmancy video that plays in the background while you’re talking.

5. Where do I find the music?

We’ll ask you a few questions about the kind of music you want for your podcast and then we’ll send you to our music supply website to choose from thousands of possible pieces. If you struggle to find a suitable piece, we’ll go and find three that we think are suitable and you can choose from those. Remember, you can change your music at any time, it’s not something that’s set in concrete forever.
NOTE: You can’t use your favourite pop song as your podcast theme. Quite apart from the fact that the kind of music you like, someone else might hate it, copyright laws mean that it’s very expensive to use it.

6. Why would I have my own channel and not just go on other people's podcasts?

When you go on other people’s podcasts/channels, you’re appearing to their audience and answering questions or talking about topics that are relevant to them. There’s nothing wrong with being a guest on other people’s channels, indeed, we recommend it as a way of increasing your reach, but it’s nowhere near as effective as having your own channel.
On top of that, if you appear as a guest on twenty podcasts and you want to share those podcasts with your clients, you have to share separate twenty links and there’s no continuity for listeners; they have to stop listening to that channel and go to someone completely different to find your next episode. Messy.

7. Why would I pay you to do this when I can do it myself?

You’re more than welcome to do it yourself and if you want to invest the time and effort into doing that, you can download our FREE 18 page Podcasting Checklist here. From our experience, and there are no figures to back this up, this is just what we’ve seen in the groups and podcasting programs that we’ve been in, if you decide to do your own podcast, you’re doing very well if you get your first episode up within a year of making the decision to start. Sometimes two years. It’s a lot of work. There are a lot of decisions to make. There’s a lot of learning to do. By working with us, you’re utilising our expertise to leapfrog all of that. What would you rather do: spend 3 or 4 hours a night, 3 or 4 nights a week for 3 or 4 months, trying to record episodes, scratching them, starting again, losing interest, picking it back up a few months later, realising that you don’t like what you did before so you need to start recording again, and now everything’s changed and there are new apps to use, new platforms to find…
Or start right now, put in an hour or so to get everything set up and have a fully functioning podcast & YouTube channel in a few weeks?

8. Why is it so expensive?

The price is a reflection of the amount of work that goes in to producing each episode. All of our team are professionals, among the best in their fields. From the interviewer to the video editors to the graphic designers and the SEO wizards, these people know what they’re doing. The end result is a professional, high quality product that reflects the high standards of your business.

9. What do you need from me before we start?

We’ll send you details of everything that we need from you, let you know what decisions you need to make, and also what you need to do yourself.

10. How often should I release an episode?

We recommend publishing one episode a week for at least six months, in addition to an initial three episodes. This gives you a good depth of material and establishes a clear commitment to your business as far as your customers are concerned.

11. Do I need to have a recording studio and a green screen?

No! A decent pair of headphones and a nice, quiet, well-lit space is generally good enough. If you have a blank wall behind you, it’s easy enough to set up a virtual backdrop, otherwise just make sure that what’s behind you is clean and attractive.

12. I have other podcast episodes that I've previously recorded, can I put them onto my channel?

Absolutely. You can either upload them yourself, or send them to us and, for a small fee, we’ll upload them for you.

13. What if I stop working with Speak Up? How do I get access to my podcasts & videos?

We set up your channels and give you all the information so you have full control over them.We’ll send you full details on how to use both the podcast and YouTube channels.
If you stop working with Speak Up, you simply change the passwords & permissions.

14. How do I make sure my episodes go out on time?

We like to be organised! When you choose a subscription for ongoing episodes, automatic reminders will be sent to you to book in a time to record the episode and to send in the info that we need.