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The Safe-Space for

Women to Speak Up


Behind Speak Up is a mother-daughter duo dedicated to supporting women and diverse minorities to start a podcast and get their voices heard.

We want to encourage, inspire and enable those who have a meaningful story to tell, an invigorating passion to share or want to raise awareness of an overlooked area through the medium of podcasts.

More than anything, we want change. We want to help you make the change. You have the power to make a difference. To inspire, to create.

So while you are busy creating content, we provide the platform and expertise to get your podcast out there and get your voice heard.

How We Will Support You

Are you nervous about speaking in public or getting in front of the mic or camera?

We’ve got you covered.


For a limited time, our founder and highly experienced podcaster, Karen O’Connor, has opened her calendar to a few select clients to support them through the recording process.

You won’t find this opportunity anywhere else! Click here to find out more…


What do people say about us?

Leisa NadlerThe Art of Quantum Healing

Karen is incredible at what she does, I'm getting over a hundred downloads on every
single episode, it's growing and growing and growing. Thank you, Karen, from the bottom
of my heart for making it such an easy transition.

Eliza-Jane HendrikxTransformation Coach

I highly recommend reaching out to Karen, she is amazing. She's just a massive ball of
laughter and fun. I highly recommend her. I was lacking direction with my podcast but now I'm back on track and in the flow thanks to Karen.

Dr. Thomas JordanNew York City Psychologist/Psychoanalyst

Exceptional Podcast Interviewer!
I’ve interviewed on a good number of podcasts, but this one was unbelievable. She set the relaxed and conversational tone from the beginning. Spontaneity and openness were easy throughout. So much so, that we went overtime and didn’t look back. The interview was truly an experience to remember. Interviews like this one stay with me, because the depth of conversation is extraordinary. Thank you Karen!

Imogen Lamport

Being interviewed by Karen is a great experience. She was very open to content ideas and was really interested in covering topics of interest suggested by me as well as having some great ideas and input about what her audience’s interests are. The recording session was professional and easy and her communication during the process of set up and then promotion afterwards was thorough.

Marc Nuss

Karen was an amazing interviewer. Straight away she made me feel at ease and kept the whole process light. Her questions showed that she was prepared and kept a great flow going throughout the whole podcast. I loved that she was genuinely interested in what I had to say and was totally engaged throughout. I enjoyed it thoroughly to be on her podcast, the time just flew by!! I would highly recommend her as a podcaster and an interviewer. Looking forward to being invited back!!!!