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When starting a podcast it is extremely important to be as organised as possible for both yourself and for your guests. Making sure the guests experience behind the scenes of your podcast runs smoothly is important if you want to receive good reviews, be recommended to others and if you want guests to return for another episode.

Getting organised may seem confusing and time-consuming, but being professional and valuing your guests’ time is as important as producing interesting episodes.

In today’s video I will be running through I use Calendly to schedule & organise my podcast! This video is NOT sponsored or endorsed by Calendly, but is a tool that has been invaluable in helping me stay on top of my podcast for three years, and it may be helpful to you too!

01:15 – Calendly plans
02:19 – My calendly looks like
03:07 – Creating an event
07:01 – Setting up automated emails for guest and you
07:24 – Workflows: Text message
08:19 – Workflows: email
11:28 – Cancellations & reminders
12:32 – Thank you emails
13:27 – Guest information form & affiliate links
14:41 – Guest information form Example



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