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Branding & Marketing Services

Your branding and marketing is crucial if you want to ensure the success of your podcast.

We provide you with all the tools and services you need to support your podcast and help you to maximise its reach and impact.

We will create your:

    • Channel Graphic (which is so important!),
    • social media graphics,
    • transcripts of your episodes (Google loves transcripts as they improve accessibility),
    • powerful show notes (crucial for increasing your SEO),
    • Reels (shorts videos) and Audiograms to boost your reach on social media, and more.

These are the marketing services for your podcast that make the difference.

Rebranding - Speak Up Podcasting

Choose Your Services

Channel Artwork and Marketing

Your podcast artwork will make or break your podcast

You can have the best podcast in the world but if you don’t entice people to listen to it, through your show notes and artwork, your hard work will go to waste in podcast purgatory.

Before you’re able to blow a listener’s socks off with your incredible episode, they’ll check out your podcast artwork, and in those few seconds, they’ll decide whether or not to press play. We’re here to help you make sure that they do. Let us help you make a great first impression with artwork that stands out from the crowd.

  • Podcast Channel Art Services – Basic Package

  • Podcast Channel Art Services – Premium

  • Podcast Channel Art Services – Social Media


Branding Services

Whether you’re starting a brand new podcast or revamping some previous work, you need to make sure that everything reflects who you are right now so you can connect with the right audience.

Our branding services allow you to create a cohesive presence in the world.

Episode Marketing

You’ve published your podcast, now you have to let people know it’s there. It’s time for some marketing wizardry.

Our marketing upgrades can help your podcast reach your target audience, increase listens and improve engagement, as well as generating more leads. Things every podcast needs:

  • Episode Artwork – Episode artwork provides a visual representation of your episode to accompany any written information.
  • Video Artwork – YouTube thumbnails increase the visibility of your video, helping it to stand out in search results and suggested videos, and vastly improving click-through rates.
  • Reels – Reels (30-60 second long video clips) are a great way to give your audience an insight into your episode, highlight some intriguing or funny clips from your episodes and hook in new listeners.
  • Audiograms – Audiograms are the audio-only version of reels. They’re short audio clips with a static image that can be shared on social media platforms and are great for promoting new episodes and driving website traffic.
  • Quote Cards – provide your audience with short intriguing, memorable or funny clips from your episode, this time in written form.

Marketing Upgrades

Want to pick and choose which marketing items you use? We’ve got you covered!

This is where you’ll find everything you need to take your podcast marketing to the next level. Build a package to suit your needs.