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The Process


What will the process look like?

Speak Up is all about making your life easy and making this whole process of getting your podcast and YouTube channels out to the world as easy and painless as possible.


The keys to this whole process are the three meetings that we’ll have:


Our strategy meeting the will kick off the process


The Platform Set Up Meeting (if necessary)


The Handover meeting

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The Actions

Here are the main steps that we will take to produce and publish your podcast:
(* Not all of them may be applicable to you, depending on the package/items you choose)


Set up your podcast on a platform


Create your channel graphics, banners, end screen and social media templates


Help you choose music


Create your intro & outro and channel trailer


Edit, equalise, and frame the video* of your first three episodes


Set up your channel on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google and more than 40 other platforms


Set up your channel on YouTube


Transcribe your episodes for you to use as blog posts or newsletter

The Timeline

We recommend that you allow at least 21 DAYS from our initial Strategy Meeting to Podcast Launch Date, however this time can be reduced if everything goes well or if you have an existing podcast. The reason for this being that it’s already on iTunes so you don’t have to wait up 10 or more days for them to approve a new podcast.

Here’s what will happen before we start:

This is an optimum timeframe.

  • Book our Strategy Meeting which will become Day 1 of the project
  • Complete the Strategy Form at least 24 hours prior to our Strategy Meeting
  • Book your Platform Setup Meeting for somewhere between Day 8 and Day 10
  • Book your Handover session for around the podcast launch date

Day 01

Complete our strategy session and get the whole process going

Day 03-07

You'll upload your episodes and the audios for your intro and outro, create your channel graphics, social media graphics, video frames, etc.

Day 08-10

Hold Platform Strategy Session to get the podcast up on all the platforms

Day 08-20

We make sure your podcast looks and sounds amazing and is on every platform that it can be while you promote your new podcast and its launch date

Day 21

Your new podcast goes live and is available on more than 40 platforms and players. We have the handover meeting

Ready to get started?